Change management

Change management support is available to all Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako to help them to work together as a connected, collaborative community.

The principles of change management guide how people are prepared, equipped and supported to successfully adopt change. Change management is intended to support effective change in a Community of Learning from an individual, through to a whole of community level.

Ministry support

Funding is available for change management support, and can include the following range of services:

These services are intended to support discrete pieces of work over short or longer terms.  More than one change management service may be needed by a Community of Learning at any one time, to support various change needs.

Funding is available until 30 June 2019. Please make contact with your local education advisor or Community of Learning lead advisor who will help with identifying your needs and appointing the right person or people.

Memorandum of understanding

Once you have found the right change manager, we suggest you create a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that sets out the details, boundaries and responsibilities of each individual working with the Community of Learning. This process is likely to involve your education advisor, Community of Learning leader, expert partner and the change manager.


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