Current Ministry priorities in early childhood education

Better Public Services: Results for New Zealanders

In 2013 the Government set 10 challenging results for the public sector to achieve over the next 5 years, including one for early childhood education (ECE).

The target relevant to ECE is:

  • in 2016, 98% of children starting school will have participated in quality ECE.

These 10 results are fully listed at Better Public Services: Results for New Zealanders (external link) .

Read about the initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Education to achieve this target.

A website for parents

We have developed a website for parents, families, whānau (external link) and caregivers to provide them with answers to their education questions. They can also get information and tips to help them be involved in their children’s learning. The site features a section on early learning.

Other areas the Ministry focuses on:

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