Consultation on new primary provision in Wanaka

The feedback from our initial consultation in 2015 on the future schooling provision in Wanaka has informed this consultation on primary provision in the area. $16 million will be invested in new primary schooling in Wanaka and we expect the first stage build to open in 2019.

But before a new school can be officially established, we are seeking feedback from the community on 2 options for primary schooling. Consultation begins with a public meeting on 12 September and will run through to 25 September

One of the key themes that emerged from community consultation in 2015 was a strong sense of community, and a desire that future education provision reinforces the supportive nature of the community.  As a result we are consulting over whether new primary provision should be established as a new, stand-alone primary school, or if it should be set up as a second campus of Wanaka Primary School.

About the consultation

Cleave Hay will facilitate a short community consultation consisting of 2 public meetings, about the options to establish new primary schooling in Wanaka.  We want to understand community perspectives before any decisions are made.

Consultation will focus on the perceived advantages or disadvantages of 2 options:

Public meetings will be facilitated by Cleave Hay:




Tuesday,12 September 2017


North Block, Mt Aspiring College

Thursday, 21 September 2017


North Block, Mt Aspiring College

An online survey (external link) will also be open from 13 September to 25 September 2017. 

We’ll also be at the Link Community Growth Forum on 14 September at the Lake Wanaka Centre to discuss your ideas about future education provision and to answer any questions.

About the facilitator

Cleave Hay has been working with school boards across the country for 12 years in advisory and support roles.  He has been involved in community consultation processes and strategic planning, and has experience with establishment boards of trustees for new schools.

Cleave has worked with schools in the Wanaka area for many years and has always been impressed by their contemporary nature and enthusiasm for the education of children in their community.  He looks forward to hearing the Wanaka community’s aspirations on future primary schooling provision.

Summary of 2015 community consultation

Two stages of community consultation were completed in 2015.  Both stages included workshops facilitated by Dr Gabrielle Wall, an independent education consultation, and an online survey.  All the feedback was collated and provided a great base of information for us to understand community preferences and to use and incorporate into planning for future schooling.

Some highlights and key findings:

  • Over 2 stages of consultation: 326 people attended workshops, and there were 837 completed online surveys. 
  • We were really pleased that a third of respondents in the second survey were students.
  • Primary preferences: During the first stage of the consultation, 81% of respondents expressed a preference for at least one new primary education provider. In the second stage, preferences around location were explored further, and 59% of people said they were in favour of new primary provision being near an area of population growth. 
  • Secondary preferences: During the first stage, a number of options were explored for lower secondary years (mostly around Years 7 and 8). These options, including expanding Mt Aspiring College, were explored in more detail in the second round, with no clear preference emerging.
  • Educational features: Key themes that emerged were a strong sense of community, and a desire that future education provision reinforces the supportive nature of the community. Access to the natural environment, green spaces and technology featured strongly as important or very important features for the Wanaka area.

We have used the information to help inform planning for further education provision across the area.  This has included the current work underway for further primary provision (which reflects the community’s interest in new provision being in an area of population growth), as well as expansion plans for Mt Aspiring College.

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