Miscellaneous amendments

New legislation

There are several amendments included in the Education Legislation Amendment Act 2016 (the Act) to correct previous omissions and make technical amendments.

For example, to Learning Media Ltd have been removed, which was placed in liquidation in 2013. The Bill also enables the Minister to delegate the ability to vary agreements under the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975. Currently the Minister must approve very minor variations.

Some procedural matters relating to partnership schools that were inadvertently omitted from the Education Amendment Act 2013 are also included. Examples include:

  • the extension of the hostels complaints procedure to partnership schools
  • allowing for the payment of fines relating to truancy, for example, to sponsors of partnership schools.

Two amendments relate to both partnership schools and private schools. These are:

The Secretary for Education can authorise a person to enter a State school, partnership school, or a private school. The Act clarifies that the associated powers covering the inspection and copying of documents apply also to partnership schools and private schools.

The Act clarifies that the offence of intentionally insulting, abusing, or intimidating teachers or staff members also applies to teachers and staff of partnership schools and private schools.

The Act also increases the minimum number of members the Minister’s advisory group for Partnership Schools from 1 to 5. It also sets a maximum of 9 members. This advisory group is currently known as the Partnership Schools Kura Hourua l Authorisation Board.                                    

Impact of the legislation

The Minister will be able to delegate a power in relation to the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975, to officials. Partnership Schools and Private Schools will be subject to a greater number of provisions than those that currently apply to State schools.

Why the change?

Most of these amendments relate to amendments that were inadvertently left out of the Education Amendment Bill 2013.

Considerations for sponsors of partnership schools and managers of partnership schools

Sponsors of Partnership Schools and managers of private schools will need to make sure they are acting in accordance with the new amendments.




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