Streamlining the process for setting conditions that limits the fees tertiary education providers can charge domestic students

New legislation

The new legislation retains the requirement for the Government to consult on changes to fee conditions, and keeps the 3 week period for stakeholders to make submissions, but removes the prescriptive requirement that 2 months must pass between the conditions being proposed and being finalised. 

Previous situation

Previously, the law required a 2 month period between fee conditions being proposed by the Government through the New Zealand Gazette and the conditions being finalised. This period included 3 weeks for stakeholders to provide submissions on the proposed gazetted conditions and 5 weeks for the Government to consider submissions.

Impact of the legislation

This change will ensure that the period in which submissions on proposed conditions are considered is appropriate to the submissions received, thus avoiding unnecessary delays in finalising fee conditions. This change will improve certainty for both providers and students.

Why the change?

This prescriptive 2 month period is often unnecessary due to the small number of submissions received, and creates uncertainty for tertiary education organisations.


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