Crown entity and other statutory board appointments

We manage the process of appointments to a number of Crown entities, statutory boards and advisory groups on behalf of the responsible Ministers. These are important governance roles where members can make a real difference to education in New Zealand.

Current board appointments

There are no Board positions open at this time.

Board appointments process

We assist responsible Ministers in identifying candidates who have the required skills and experience for a board role. In general, board members must have an appreciation of the Crown’s role as the key stakeholder as well as meeting key competencies that apply to the position.

Boards also need to represent the diversity and demographic makeup of New Zealand.  To ensure this we encourage individuals as well as government agencies, community organisations and industry bodies to submit nominations.

We assist with appointments to the following boards:

We also assist with appointments to a number of Ministerial Advisory Groups.

Statutory appointments are made by the responsible Minister, or the Governor-General on the recommendation of the responsible Minister.  The Minister must present candidates to the Cabinet Appointment and Honours Committee (external link) .

If you have been nominated for a position, the outcome of the process cannot be confirmed until after appointments have been considered by the Cabinet Appointment and Honours Committee and Cabinet.  This is likely to be up to 6 months after your nomination was submitted.

Public servants are not usually appointed to statutory boards. The Cabinet Office circular CO (02) 5 Appointment of Public Servants to Statutory Boards (external link)  has further information.


Board members are paid fees, according to the board’s roles and responsibilities. Education Crown board fees are set by Ministers using the Cabinet Fees Framework (external link) .  This document is reviewed periodically.

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