Integrated Education Data (iEd) programme

Integrated Education Data (iEd) is a 5 year programme aimed at making education data more accessible for educators to raise student achievement and wellbeing.

iEd aims to ensure that:

  • Parents, families and whānau have access to the right information to help their children and young people succeed and reach their potential.
  • Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako are able to improve their collective decision-making around monitoring and evaluating success.
  • The education sector and government can use data to inform decision-making with evidence about what works, for whom and under what conditions.
  • Students can access an enduring record of their progress.
  • The administrative burden on education providers is reduced.

The first stage is the Student Information Sharing Initiative.

Student Information Sharing Initiative (SISI)

SISI is a key project within the iEd programme. It has the potential to provide a secure electronic platform so information automatically moves with children and young people as they move through the education system.

Find out more about how we’re co-designing SISI with education sector representatives.



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