Nelson fires may cause school closures

As we have seen over the last few days fires can change quickly, and it’s possible the impact of weather conditions may cause some school and ECE closures on Monday.

Wakefield School, Wakefield Playcentre and Little People Preschool are in the evacuation zone set by Civil Defence.

Wakefield School have advised us they will be opening tomorrow in the Hope Community Church, for students who can safely attend. Our Traumatic Incident team will be on site to support the school. The school has posted information for parents on their Facebook page, and we suggest parents contact the school directly for further information.

Wakefield Playcentre and Little People Preschool will remain closed tomorrow.

There may be other school and ECE closures in the Nelson region tomorrow. We suggest parents check their school or ECE’s website, Facebook page, or ring them directly, to check if they’ll be open on Monday.

Schools and ECEs will be advised by Civil Defence should evacuation zones expand. However they can also make their own decisions about safety of students and staff.

There are likely to be changes to school transport as a result of the fires. Our school transport provider has been working with Civil Defence so school transport can use closed roads safely. School transport updates are available on this website. If parents have any questions we encourage them to contact their school directly.

Our local staff are providing advice and support to affected schools and ECEs in the region, and will continue to support them as needed.

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