Education (School Donations) Amendment Bill

The Education (School Donations) Amendment Bill was introduced into the House of Representatives on 30 May 2019. The Bill amends the Education Act 1989.

The Bill supports the school donations scheme announced as part of the Budget 2019 package.

Government introduces a donations scheme for Decile 1-7 schools

From the 2020 school year, Decile 1-7 state and state-integrated schools will be able to choose to receive a $150 per student, per year payment if they agree not to ask parents and caregivers for donations.

Although school donations are voluntary many families can feel under pressure to pay them and this can place pressure on household budgets. This initiative is designed to alleviate that pressure and expectation. It also recognises that Decile 1-7 schools can find it difficult to raise funds from their communities.

The Bill:

  • Creates a new category of grants called discretionary grants
  • Provides that the Minister of Education may pay discretionary grants to boards subject to the condition that a board does not solicit voluntary payments from parents, and any other condition determined by the Minister
  • Enables funding provided as discretionary grants to be effectively recovered from boards that have failed to comply with the conditions of that funding

The Bill enables the Minister to pay donations scheme funding as a discretionary grant with conditions attached. The main condition is that boards of trustees agree to stop asking parents for voluntary payments, and the Bill enables the Minister to recover funding paid under the school donations scheme if boards then request voluntary payments from parents. The mechanism enabling funds to be recovered is intended to give boards of trustees a strong incentive to ensure they understand and comply with the scheme rules once they opt in for the $150 per student per year payments.

Read the Bill at Parliament's website (external link) .

The Bill has been referred to the Education and Workforce Committee. 

Make a submission to the Committee - submissions close 16 June 2019 (external link) .



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