Te Ahu o te Reo Māori ki Te Tonga

Te Ahu o te Reo Māori represents the Government's commitment to strengthen and grow an education workforce that can integrate te reo Māori into the learning of all ākonga in Aotearoa by 2025.

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Delivery overview

  • Registrations have now closed.
  • Delivered by Kāuru Education Group based in Ōtaki.
  • Delivers Taumata/Level 1 and Taumata/Level 2 of Ngā Taumata o Te Ahu o te Reo Māori.
  • Delivery in 2020 begins on March 2 and ends June 21.
  • Delivery area includes schools and early learning services from Bulls to Wellington.
  • Participant commitment requires 123 hours of directed learning, 32 hours of online learning, and optional self-directed learning hours over 16 weeks (excluding school holidays).

Delivery approach

Kāuru Group will use a mixed mode approach including:

  • Orientation day
  • weekly classes
  • noho wānanga (weekend learning experiences), and
  • self-directed and online learning.

The five strands of Ngā Taumata o Te Ahu o te Reo Māori will be integrated across the learning programme. Tikanga Māori will also be a key element of course delivery.

There will be a strong focus on ‘learning how to learn’ so that the best teaching and learning practices are showcased allowing models of practise from a Māori paradigm to be used in classes.

Delivery components

Orientation day

A full day of induction will be held on Saturday 22 February at Whitireia Polytechnic in Porirua. This will include a series of presentations to prepare participants for course delivery. Information and learning activities will also be distributed online in the lead-up to orientation day.

Kura whakaako: weekly classes

Kura Whakaako are compulsory night class sessions where pūkenga (teacher) directed learning will occur. Taumata/Level 1 and Taumata /Level 2, known as Te Pū and Te Weu by Kāuru Education Group, will be grouped separately. They will be held between Mondays and Wednesdays from March 2 to 17 June (excluding school holidays).

Kura Whakaako will be held at the following locations:

  • Paraparaumu – venue to be advised
  • Porirua – Whitireia Polytechnic
  • Te Awakairangi/ Lower Hutt – venue to be advised.

Noho wānanga: weekend learning experience  

Participants will attend three noho wānanga held separately for each level. These will be a fully catered overnight learning experiences from Friday mornings to Sunday afternoons at Whitireia Polytechnic in Porirua.

Course completion celebrations will occur at the third and final noho wānanga.

For Level 1, Te Pū, the first noho will be conducted primarily in English, the second in both English and Māori, and the third in full immersion. For Level 2, Te Weu, the first noho will be in both English and Māori and the second and third will be conducted in full immersion.



Taumata/ Level 1 (Te Pū)

Taumata/Level 2 (Te Weu)

Noho wānanga 1

Friday 3 April–Sunday 5 April

Friday 27 March–Sunday 29 March

Noho wānanga 2

Friday 22 May–Sunday 24 May

Friday 8 May–Sunday 10 May

Noho wānanga 3

Friday 19 June–Sunday 21 June

Friday 19 June–Sunday 21 June

Online learning

Online learning will be a mix of pre-lesson, (flipping the classroom) and post-lesson tasks. The pre-lesson tasks will involve online videos and interactive activities.

The post-lesson tasks will generally involve a variety of reinforcement tasks including further videos, exercises and activities that focus on the learning that has been delivered.

Self-directed learning

Self-directed learning will generally be extension tasks that the participant may choose to undertake which, are focussed on widening their understanding, further revision of prior material and other reinforcement activities.

Kāuru Education Group

Kāuru Limited is a whānau based company currently located in Ōtaki. The aim of Kāuru Limited is to provide excellence through mātauranga; to contribute to the transformation of whānau; to enhance the mana of others through te reo Māori and to demonstrate a system of values that are based on kaupapa tuku iho. 

Contact person

Manukorihi Winiata
Communications Coordinator


For more information visit the Kāuru website (external link)

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