Te Ahu o te Reo Māori ki Te Taiuru - He Ata Rawea

Te Ahu o te Reo Māori represents the Government’s commitment to strengthen and grow and education workforce that can integrate te reo Māori into the learning of all ākonga and students in Aotearoa by 2025.

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"Being immersed in the Māori world broadens the perspective we’ve got as teachers. The concepts, ideas and connectedness in te ao Māori wrap around both what we learn and how we learn” – Cherie Boyd (Chief Executive Kindergarten Taranaki)

Delivery overview

  • Registrations are now closed.
  • Delivered by Te Ataarangi ki Taranaki Charitable Trust.
  • Delivers Taumata/Level 1 of Ngā Taumata o Te Ahu o te Reo Māori.
  • Delivery begins Sunday 23 February and ends Sunday 21 June.
  • Participant commitment requires 128 learning hours over 14 weeks (excluding school holidays).

Delivery areas

  • Ati Mātonga – schools and early learning services from Bulls through to Pātea, including Whanganui
  • Ati Māraki – schools and early learning services from Pātea through to Mōkau.

Delivery approach

Te Ataarangi is the main learning approach for Te Ahu o te Reo Māori ki Te Taiuru. Sustained immersion is the central element provided in the programme.

Most of the content is taught in te reo Māori immersion using cuisenaire rods including: curriculum contexts, language planning, karakia and regional history. 

It includes a high level of contact with programme staff exposing participants to practical te reo Māori use and builds a sense of trust and safety for participants to engage in Māori spaces.

Te Ataarangi learners using rākau (Cuisenaire rods) at Aotearoa Marae, Okaiawa
Image: Te Ataarangi approach using rākau (cuisenaire rods) at Aotearoa Marae, Okaiawa

Delivery components

He whakatere: orientation

A full day of induction for all participants will held on a Sunday 23 February at Aotearoa Marae, Okaiawa.  The day will provide a full presentation of the programme including:

  • sample workshop lessons to give a taste of how the learning will take place
  • finalise places in the cohorts
  • an opportunity to provide feedback on registration.

Noho marae: marae stay

Three intensive noho marae are run for both cohorts at the same time. The two and a half day immersion intensives are the most critical component of the programme.  The sustained immersion builds confidence and forms strong relationships with teaching staff and other participants.  Details for the noho marae are as follow: 

Noho Marae 1

Wednesday 26 February 5.00pm – Friday 28 February 3.00pm 

Parihaka Pā

Noho Marae 2

Wednesday 1 April 5.00pm – Friday 3 April 3.00pm 

Owae Marae, Waitara

Noho Marae 3

Wednesday 3 June 5.00pm – Friday 5 June 3.00pm 

Ratana Pā

Kura pō: night classes

Participants are able to stay in touch with their te reo Māori use in between noho marae through weekly, two hour night classes.  The classes are held at local schools and venues will be confirmed after registrations close.

He Ata Rawea: online learning

The programme also uses an online platform to encourage participants to share their te reo Māori activities and practice.

He whakamānawa: closing event

A final gathering acknowledges the completion of Te Ahu o te Reo Māori ki Te Taiuru.  The event also allows for participants to give further feedback and to receive information on future plans. This all day event will be held on Sunday 21 June, TSB Hub, Te Hāwera.

To maximise the learning and ensure course completion, participants are expected to attend and/or complete all delivery components of Te Ahu o te Reo Māori ki Te Taiuru. 

Te Ataarangi ki Taranaki

For 40 years, Te Ataarangi has provided a community-based te reo Māori immersion learning approach and has supported many language initiatives within Māori communities.  Te Ataarangi is focused on building speaker communities and immersion settings. 

Te Ataarangi ki Taranaki is one of the nine regional bodies of the national organisation.  The regional group began in 1982 as an Incorporated Society and then became registered as a Charitable Trust in 2006.  In 2018 the Whanganui and Taranaki groups merged.

The delivery of Te Ahu o te Reo Māori by Te Ataarangi ki Taranaki is led by mātanga reo, Dr Ruakere Hond. The teaching team of Taiope (main facilitators) includes Ruta Broughton, Rangiamohia Bolstad and Rūmātiki Timu with an additional 10 Taituara (tutors). A number of Taikura or specialist facilitators will also be used to support specific content delivery.

Contact person

Deleraine Puhara
Pou Tātaki – Operations Manager


(021) 836 689

“It’s been amazing, right from the beginning. It was so much more that learning the language, and some of the outcomes are immeasurable” – Erin Macdonald (Science teacher at Stratford High School)

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