Accommodation for Learning Support Coordinators

The Government announced $95 million in capital expenditure as part of Budget 2019 to cover suitable working space for Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs).

About accommodation for Learning Support Coordinators

Property funding is available to all state and state integrated schools that were part of the announced Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs) allocation in August 2019 to support LSCs to operate effectively in all schools they service.

The funding is intended to support schools to make any property modifications needed to create a suitable working space for their LSC. Any remaining funding not required to deliver an appropriate LSC space will be returned to the Ministry. 

Description of a Learning Support Coordinator space

An LSC space is non-teaching space, with each LSC allocated 15m2. The space needs to provide an office space for the LSC to work out of, and allow them to meet privately with students, staff and whanau as required. The space also needs to provide ramp access or be otherwise fully accessible to all students, staff and whānau.

Prioritisation for accommodating schools

Schools identified as an accommodating school through the existing cluster notification process (the schools at which LSCs will primarily be based) are being prioritised to ensure an LSC space is available for each LSC as soon as practicable.

Funding for LSC space

Funding for LSC space is one-off. We expect all schools to be delivering their LSC space from within the allocated funding. Any funds not required for the LSC space will be returned to the Ministry.

Funding from the LSC budget provided to schools can only be used to build or repurpose 15m2 space, which has a ramp or is otherwise fully accessible.

As long as the allocation for an LSC remains with a school, the space will be ‘legitimate space’ and will therefore generate 5 Year Agreement (5YA) funding. As per current policy, the space will also generate Property Maintenance Grant (PMG) funding, whether or not a school remains entitled to an LSC.

Where an LSC is being accommodated in an existing space which requires the relocation of other staff or functions to another part of a school, that refurbishment can be paid for using LSC funding.

The existing space must already be Ministry-owned.

All Boards of Trustees that accommodate LSCs on their school site will receive funding for associated furniture and equipment.

Planning and delivery timeframes

Schools should work with their Property Advisor to agree on the scope and budget of the LSC property project.

If it makes sense for both the school and the Ministry, the LSC space can be delivered as part of Ministry work that is already planned at a school.

Your Property Advisor will work with you to progress your LSC project as soon as is practicable after your cluster’s employment and accommodation arrangements have been confirmed with the Ministry. As a first step, the Ministry will work with the schools identified as ‘accommodating schools’ to ensure all LSCs at least have a base to work from.

Delivery timeframes will depend on the nature of your LSC project.

LSC spaces at state-integrated schools

Property funding for LSC spaces will be provided to all state integrated schools that were part of the LSC allocation announced in August 2019 and that do not have appropriate existing facilities for an LSC to work in. 

The Ministry is working with the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools to establish which schools will require additional support. Your Property Advisor will work with Proprietors of affected Integrated Schools to make funding available to their Proprietors (capital funding) and Boards of Trustees (furniture and equipment funding).    

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