Apply for access to the Attendance Service Application (ASA)

Absence referrals from your school to the Attendance Service must be made through the Attendance Service Application (ASA). The application records unjustified absence referrals and non-enrolment notifications. Find out how to get access to and use ASA.

Apply for access to ASA

You need to ask your school's EPA Authoriser to apply for access to ASA.

Your EPA Authoriser can submit staff access requests for your school to the Education Service Desk via the EPA Online Tool. This process replaces the need for staff to fill out a paper form for access to Education Sector Applications.

If you're not sure who your school's EPA Authoriser is, ask a colleague or contact the Education Services Desk.

Education Service Desk (external link)

Once received, your EPA Authoriser's request for ASA access will be processed within 3-5 working days.

If the request is accepted they'll receive an email from the Education Service Desk:

  • confirming your ESL user account has been granted ASA access, and
  • providing a logon user name and password for the ASA.

Only then will you be able to use the ASA.

How to log on to ASA

Three days after we receive your form, you'll receive an email with your ASA user name and password.

To log on, select the following link to the ASA logon page, and enter your user name and password.

Attendance Service Application (ASA) logon page (external link)

Help to learn and use ASA

If you need help using the ASA, including technical support, contact the E-Admin Contact Centre.

Phone: +64 4 463 8383


ASA video and transcript

The following video explains how to lodge an unustified absence referral.

Attendance Service Application: How to lodge a referral — Youtube (external link)

(external link) Or you can read a transcript of the video.

Transcript — Attendance Service Application: How to lodge a referral [DOC, 116 KB]

ASA user guide and quick reference card

Attendance Service Application School User Guide [PDF, 992 KB]

Create an Unjustified Absence Referral [PDF, 395 KB]

When to lodge an unjustified absence referral in the ASA

You should lodge an unjustified absence referral if:

  • a student has been unjustifiably absent, without satisfactory explanation, and
  • your school has been unable to return the student to school. 

Your referral will be sent directly to the Attendance Service provider who will allocate an appropriate Attendance Advisor or Kaiāwhina for action.

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