4.2 Annual Leave and Holiday Pay

4.2.1 The provisions of the Holidays Act 2003 (external link) will apply in relation to annual leave.

4.2.2 Where an employee is either fixed term for less than 12 months or irregularly employed as per s28 of the Holidays Act 2003, the employer shall pay annual holiday pay with the employee’s pay unless otherwise agreed.  Holiday pay shall be 8% of gross earnings and paid as an identifiable component of the employee’s pay.

4.2.3 A permanent employee whose employment pattern does not fall under 4.2.2 above shall receive their annual leave entitlement during the end of year closedown except as otherwise agreed.  This shall be 8% in the employee’s first year of entitlement. Thereafter the entitlement shall be 4 week’s annual leave per annum.

Note: The parties would, in general terms, see tutors, liaison assistants and professional supervisors falling under 4.2.2 and non-teaching co-ordinators under 4.2.3.

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