3.1 Tutors

3.1.1 The minimum hourly rates for tutors are as follows:

StepCurrentFrom 28 January 2017From 28 January 2018From 28 January 2019
1 $28.86 $29.44 $30.03 $30.69
2 $38.33 $39.10 $39.88 $40.76

3.1.2 Application of salaries – A tutor shall be placed on salary step 1 unless:

    1. The tutor satisfies the co-ordinator he or she has either successfully completed a recognised course in the tutoring of adults or holds a Diploma of Teaching, and has at least 100 hours of adult tutoring experience; or
    2. The tutor has completed 200 hours of ACE tutoring; or
    3. The tutor was placed on step 2 of the salary scale prior to this agreement coming into force.

Where (i), (ii) or (iii) above apply, a tutor shall be placed on step 2.

Note: Where a tutor is also a fully registered teacher nothing in 3.1.2(i) shall prevent an employer choosing to place that teacher on step 2.

3.1.3 Subject to verification, other experience of tutoring adult students (including in continuing education programmes, polytechnics, universities, colleges of education, and equivalent organisations either in New Zealand or overseas) shall be considered as relevant experience for placement on step 2 under 3.1.2 (i) and (ii).

3.1.4 Cancelled ACE classes - tutors of classes that are cancelled because no students attend shall be paid for one hour only regardless of the normal duration of the class.  If the tutor can be notified beforehand of the cancellation of the class, no payment will be made.

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