Change management

Change managers are available to support all Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako to work together as a connected, collaborative community.

The principles of change management guide how people are prepared, equipped and supported to successfully adopt change.

A change manager can offer advice and practical support in:

  • leadership arrangements
  • ways of working
  • business processes
  • budget allocations and use of resources.

Change managers can be involved in bringing effective change to a Community of Learning from an individual, through to a whole of community level. We foresee change management support being helpful in the areas listed below.

Vision and leadership

A change manager could facilitate the formation of a Community of Learning and help create a shared vision. This would set the foundations for a strong Community of Learning. 


A change manager could help with the logistics of working with multiple schools and early learning services me ngā kōhanga reo. They could identify efficient ways to share resources and work smarter and more collaboratively. This could include preparing a plan of how to share tools, processes and systems across the members of a Community of Learning, freeing up time and resources to reinvest in student achievement. 


By establishing good channels of communication, a change manager could help ensure the members of a Community of Learning can build relationships and move forward together. They could also offer advice on how to communicate effectively with parents, family and whānau and the wider community.

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