North Porirua, Aotea, future schooling provision

We’re looking at future schooling provision in Aotea, North Porirua in response to roll growth pressure.

We’ve run two phases of engagement to help us understand community preferences for future schooling provision in the area.

  • We received more than 100 submissions in the first phase of engagement.
  • In the second phase of engagement we ran an online survey testing the opinions, concerns and ideas reflected in the initial submissions.

Thank you to the many school staff, boards, students, parents/whānau, community members and Porirua North Kāhui Ako members who provided submissions and responded to the survey.

Next Steps

We’re now analysing the findings from the online survey alongside the submissions received in the first phase of engagement.  We will be producing a report on this engagement in the next few weeks which will be made available on this web site as soon as possible. The engagement report will in turn feed into an area strategy that proposes both short and longer term solutions to roll growth in the area.

This will be followed by a phase called “formal consultation”.  Formal consultation under section 157 of the Education Act 1989 occurs with boards of schools whose rolls may be affected by the proposed solutions/options.   Following this formal consultation a decision making report will be prepared for consideration. This is likely to be later this year or early in 2018.


Originally we planned to have a decision by Term 3 of this year however this has been delayed because:

  • The initial phase of engagement took longer than anticipated
  • Additional options for schooling provision were identified in the first phase of engagement and were tested during the second phase
  • We adjusted the timeline to accommodate feedback from Aotea College students, who were in their mid-year exam period when the survey was due to close
  • We needed to accommodate the general election scheduled for 23 September. At the time that the initial timeframe was set, no election date had been identified.

As noted above, we anticipate a final decision making report will be ready for consideration later this year or early next year.

Further information

Read the background to the consultation.


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