Integrated Education Data (iEd) programme

Integrated Education Data (iEd) programme is aimed at making education data more accessible for educators to raise student achievement and wellbeing.

iEd aims to ensure that:

  • Parents, families and whānau have access to the right information to help their children and young people succeed and reach their potential.
  • Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako are able to improve their collaborative monitoring, analysis, knowledge, and understanding to improve outcomes for learners.
  • The education sector and government can use data to inform decision-making with evidence about what works, for whom and under what conditions.
  • Students can access an enduring record of their progress.
  • The administrative burden on education providers is reduced.

There are two key projects under the iEd programme, the Student Information Sharing Initiative (SISI) and Insight for Learning (IFL).

More information

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