Ka Hikitia – Whakapapa

This page provides the whakapapa behind Ka Hikitia — Ka Hāpaitia.

The first Māori education strategy

The first Māori education strategy was launched in 1999.

First Māori education strategy

Ka Hikitia timeline

Step through Ka Hikitia’s timeline.

Ka Hikitia timeline

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008-2012

Phase one: Managing for Success was launched in 2008.

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success 2008-2012

Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013-2017

Phase two: Accelerating Success 2013–2017 was launched in 2013.

Ka Hikitia – Accelerating Success 2013–2017

Glossary of terms

We've provided definitions for a number of terms used throughout Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success: The Māori Education Strategy.

Glossary of terms

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