School Bus Procurement

Information and updates relating to the procurement of new daily bus and technology bus services.

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School Bus Procurement

The current daily bus and technology bus contracts expire on 31 December 2021. These contracts service approximately 1,450 Daily Bus routes and 700 Technology routes. The last time the school bus services were tendered was in 2008.

New contracts for school bus services from Term 1, 2022 have been awarded. These contracts are for an initial term of six years with two three-year rights of renewal.

Transport providers from Term 1, 2022

List of suppliers for each school bus route from 2022 [XLSX, 107 KB]

How to search for individual schools

  • Click on the arrow in the ‘Schools on Route’ column heading. This will bring up a search field.
  • In the search field, type the School name and click on OK.
    This will bring up a list of school bus routes contracted by the Ministry* that service that school and the transport service provider (TSP) for each of the routes from 2022.

* This is not a complete list of bus services at each school as it excludes Direct Resourced bus services provided by schools, transport provided by Maori Medium Schools, and Urban Public Transport services provided by Regional Authorities.

Two tender procurement approach 

The procurement for Ministry provided bus services was conducted through an innovative two tender approach between July 2020 and May 2021. This novel approach was taken to ensure opportunities for smaller, regional suppliers and enable fair access to government contracts for suppliers of all sizes while delivering the benefits of market competition.

Tender 1 made approximately 10% of individual routes available for award and allowed smaller regional suppliers to compete for routes appropriate to their capacity while supporting their local communities. Tender 2 was designed for larger transport providers and offered all remaining routes in groups.

Request for Proposal and evaluation process

The Request for Proposal (RFP) for Tender 1 was published on GETS on 9 July 2020 and submissions closed on 28 August 2020. The RFP for Tender 2 was released on 7 December 2020 and submissions closed on 29 January 2021.

The evaluation criteria and process are described in detail in the RFP for each tender. You can access both documents here:

Tenders were awarded on the basis of public value, which considers quality, price and broader outcomes, rather than cost alone. Broader outcomes take into account economic, cultural, environmental and social benefits that can be achieved through the procurement.

Contract award

Tender 1 contracts were awarded in December 2020 and Tender 2 contracts were awarded in May 2021.

Information on successful suppliers is available on GETS:

Probity and assurance

The procurement process was overseen by an independent Probity Auditor and reviewed, audited and assured by independent legal, procurement and transport experts. You can read the final reports prepared by the Probity Auditor here:

School bus route maps from Term 1, 2022

The instructions below will take you to a full set of school bus route maps that were included as part of the Tender. To help ensure a seamless start to school bus services in Term 1 2022, we’re asking schools and transport service providers for their help in checking that the maps are still accurate.

Please note:

  • These school bus route maps are indicative only and have been published solely for schools and transport service providers to check for accuracy. They should not be used as a guide for current services as they include some upcoming changes.
  • The school bus route numbers are changing with effect from Term 1 2022. The new number format is D0xxxxx.

Schools and Transport Service Providers

We need to know the following:

  • Are your school bus routes appropriate? i.e. does the map cover the students that require transport?
  • Are there any operating or student changes coming that we should be aware of?

Send all feedback to

How to access your school bus route map

Click on your region below to access the school bus route maps for your school or transport service provider.

How to use the school bus route map [PDF, 293 KB]


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