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March 2018

Property News, Issue 26 - Online Now

The latest issue of Property News is now available to download.

November 2017

Property News, Issue 25 - Online Now

The latest issue of Property News is now available to download.

October 2017

Easements affecting school land

Changes have been made to the content of this page around easements and the requirement that the Ministry is to negotiate these on a school's behalf. 

Weathertightness and durability for school buildings

As of 1 September 2017, there are new processes for the approval of weathertightness and durability when designing or altering buildings. 

The Ministry website has been updated to reflect this.

September 2017

Asbestos Management Plan

Updated guidance around Asbestos has been made available.

Helios Portal & 10YPP Application Access

The page has been updated to include information around the process and the forms required to gain access to the Helios Portal and 10YPP Application. 

Vandalism top-up calculator update

The Vandalism calculator helps schools figure out what costs they can claim from the Ministry for repair of damaged school property.

The calculator has been updated and is now on the Ministry website for schools to use.

August 2017

School Property Procurement Templates Refresh

School Property Procurement templates cover the sourcing construction professional services and contract works.

For school property procurement, the Ministry and school boards of trustees must apply the Ministry procurement framework.

The Ministry has refreshed the templates. These updates are effective 29 August, 2017.

Changes include:

  • Professional Services templates have been updated from the original versions published in 2015 and Contract Works templates have been further updated from the versions updated in March 2017
  • Approach to market templates (RFQ, ROI, RFP and RFT) have had Word document formatting issues resolved and smart fields added (e.g. Procurement Title entered first time; auto-populates throughout document).
  • Weighted attribute evaluation (open tender templates): allowance has been made for some flexibility to vary evaluation criteria weightings within set parameters in exceptional circumstances.
  • Contract Works health and safety requirements have been refined:
    • Proposed Solution: Tenderers are required to submit a draft or example Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) that includes treatment of hazards identified in the tender document
    • Capability: The Contractor must be capable in relation to health and safety as evidenced by accreditation to one of the following health and safety accreditations or to a comparable health and safety accreditation:
  • Contract Works RFT includes a Major Works Contract Tags Form for procurements of $500k or more (Major Works contract). For procurements of less than $500k (Medium Works contract), only tags relating to drawings and specification may be considered.

Current templates can be found on the Ministry website.

  • School property procurement templates and guides

All feedback or questions can be emailed to

Update - Christchurch Schools Rebuild Programme: How we are using vacant school sites in Christchurch

Over the last three years, we have used vacant school sites to temporarily accommodate schools while we are redeveloping or replacing school buildings around Christchurch.

Updates have been made to the ‘Current Site Use’ and ‘Future Use’ of some sites.

You can find out more on the Ministry website.

Updated process for Ministry-led Major Works Construction Contracts

EIS has developed a new process for the initiation, drafting, compiling and storing of Ministry-led Major Construction Works Contracts.

The new process aims to reduce time and effort while clarifying the key roles and responsibilities of internal and external parties.

All Ministry-led Major Construction Works contracts initiated after 1st August must follow the new contract process.

The updated process and supporting documentation can be downloaded from the Ministry website:

Surplus School Property list - Updated

The Surplus School Property list shows: 

  • properties currently in the disposal process
  • the contact person for inquiries
  • a status column indicating current progress for each property.

The latest version has now been updated and is available for download.

Sleeping in schools - Updated

The Fire safety for sleepovers guidance tells you how to manage a third-party agreement with community groups who want to use your school hall or classrooms for a sleepover.

The update to the guidance includes a requirement to notify local Fire Commanders of the event and other necessary safeguarding against fires such as safe paths to exit, smoke alarms and maximum numbers per space when there aren’t sprinklers.

July 2017

Fire Safety and Design Requirements - Addendum (Separation Distances)

The Fire and Safety Design Requirements for Schools tell you how to protect your school from fires.

An addendum to the Requirements has been published, it is available to download from the Fire Safety Design page.

The addendum introduces the Enclosing Rectangle Method (ERM) for the calculation of separation distances between buildings on a Ministry of Education school site.

The guidelines in the addendum are effective from July 2017.

Reference design: Universal school bathroom

A new reference design has been published -  the universal school bathroom (which replaces the High Dependency Unit bathroom).

This design guide sets minimum requirements for universal bathrooms; adherence with the specified requirements is required.

Download from this page:

GETS Procurement Officer Guide - Updated

The Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) Procurement Officer Guide has been updated to better describe the process for the GETS system.

The instructions have been broken down to step-by-step details, guiding users through the process from start to finish.

Download from the Procurement Templates and Guides page:

Property News, Issue 24 - Online Now

The latest issue of Property News is now available to download from the Property News page.

Asset Update Form - New Version

The Asset Update Form now calculates the percentage of expenditure (on the Building Financial Info sheet).

If you are already using an older version, you may continue to do so. But please download this version for your next project, from the Project management forms page.

June 2017

Updated information about the launch of the Helios Portal and the Ten Year Property Planner

The page now reflects the new roll-out dates for the Helios Portal and Ten Year Property Planner.

Project Managers, 10YPP Consultants, administrators, and school staff can still find out what they need to do to gain access and training to the new systems.

Need help drafting a construction contract?

Now when you need the EIS Legal team to help draft a contract, you can use the "Contract Information Sheet" - there's one for contracts with a value of $50,000 to $500,000, and another one for contracts valued over $500,000.

May 2017

Maintenance contract templates

Schools can use new maintenance contract templates when buying one-off or ongoing maintenance work.

Helios Project Phase 2 (Eos Project) - Providing access to our asset management system and 10 Year Property Planner

Find out about the pilot and national rollout of the Helios Project. The project is about providing access to the Ministry's asset management system, and 10 Year Property Planner.

April 2017

Modular Buildings Bulletin

The first issue of the Modular Building Bulletin is now available. It describes our work to date and how we get modular buildings to schools. It also includes some great photos from a number of schools currently enjoying their new modular buildings.

Project management - School-led Project Form

On 13 April the School-led Project Form was updated with the following changes:

  • Fixed data transfers between sheets
  • Added notes to selected fields
  • Added a signature area to the first tab
  • Added checklist items (copies of invoices and city council copies) to the Certification (Attached) section in the Occupancy Use Certificate
  • Removed the procurement certificate, and other procurement components (these are in the Procurement Plan and Recommendation Report)
  • Increased space for recording invoices
  • Changed wording for clarity
  • Some formatting changes for aesthetics

If you're already using the older version, you can continue to do so if that is more convenient than switching to the new version. However, we recommend you use the latest version for your next project.

You can download the form from: 

Project management - Asset Update Form

On April 12 the Asset Update form was updated with the following changes:

  • Added missing fields for recording boiler, lift and hoist financial data.
  • Added page notes for clarity.
  • Added m2 on zone areas.
  • Clarified terms and points in the guide.

Download the new version from:


Breakdown information (the Kone 0800 number and response times) has been added to the lifts page.

Drinking water quality

Information for schools who supply their own drinking water has been updated, with a focus on how to maintain a safe water system.

There are now separate pages for 'town supply' schools, and 'self-supplying' schools.

March 2017

Procurement for contract works - templates and guides revised

Templates and guides for procuring contract works have been revised.

Download them here: Contract works: Templates and guides.

The revised documents are:

  • Contract Works Procurement Plan (Full) (for open tender)
  • Contract Works Procurement Plan (Short) (for closed tender/direct source)
  • Contract works Registration of Interest
  • Contract Works Request for Tenders
  • Contract Works Request for Quotes
  • Contract Works RFQ Lite (optional for under $50k)
  • Contract Works Schedule of Prices
  • Contract Works Price Analysis Workbook
  • Open Tender Evaluation Workbook
  • Procurement Quick Guide
  • Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Exemption Request
  • Procurement Recommendation Report
  • Preferred/Short-listed Respondent Letter
  • Unsuccessful Respondent Letters

Changes include:

  1. New: Request for Tenders (RFT) for Contract Works (in addition to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Professional Services)
  2. Evaluation Criteria weightings for Professional Services RFP have been changed to:
    • Proposed Solution: 10%
    • Capability: 45%
    • Capacity: 5%
    • Price: 40%
  3. Evaluation Criteria weightings for Professional Services ROI:
    • Capability: 80%
    • Capacity: 20%
  4. Approach to market templates (ROI,RFT,RFP,RFQ) refer to a single, separate RFx Process Terms and Conditions.
  5. New: Request for Quote Lite (RFQ Lite) that is optional for use for under $50,000 procurements of goods, services or works.
  6. Conformance and Best Value evaluation method for evaluating RFQs (direct source and closed tender) requires quotes to be scored (out of 10) for proposed solution, capability and capacity.
  7. The RFT and other Contract Works-specific templates align with:
    • the latest Ministry Construction Works Contracts
    • Contract Works Price Schedule and Contract Works Price Analysis Workbook
    • the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (see below)

Health and safety requirements in contract works templates (ROI, RFT and RFQ) now reflect the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Changes include:

  1. To meet the Required Solution criteria,  the contractor must:
  2. To meet the Capability criteria, the contractor must:
    • be accreditated, or
    • demonstrate that they operate a documented health and safety system of a standard comparable to that required to meet accreditation to one of the following:
      • AS/NZS 4801:2001 (Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems)
      • Accident Compensation Corporation’s Workplace Safety Discount (less than 10 employees)
      • Accident Compensation Corporation’s Workplace Safety Management Practices (more than 10 employees).

Professional services procurement templates and guides (and the remaining contract works ones) are currently being revised and will be released shortly. 

For enquiries about health and safety:

For enquiries about procurement templates:

Project management - form updated

The School-led Project Form has been revised. Changes include: minor wording changes for clarification, repair and protection of the calculation function that produces the school name from the number entered, and the Invoice tabs have been re-ordered.

The editable PDF version of the form has been removed.

Property Portal - new content

You can now access Notional Lease information (as well as Property Maintenance Grant, and School Property Guide data).

Revised construction contracts

The weathertightness warranty in the Major Works and Medium Works contracts is now optional.

Toilet reference designs

Version 2.0 of the Toilet Reference Design Guide has been released. The updated version incorporates feedback on the earlier version, and considers the recent coroner's report.

February 2017

Health and Safety Charter

Find out about the commitment the Education Infrastructure Service and their partners have to the health, safety and well-being of our workers and workplaces.

Property Portal

The Property portal is now live. On this site schools can access the Property Maintenance Grant and School Property Guide previously accessed via PMIS.

January 2017

Project management forms

New project management forms have been added - Design Fees Release Form, Invoice Templates, and Ministry-led Project Forms.

PMIS update

Updated information about the Ministry's Property Information System (PMIS), and how to access up-to-date school property data.

December 2016

Project management forms

Project management forms have been replaced, including an Interim Asset Update Form.

Construction contracts

Following feedback after their release in October, we've made some changes to the Construction Works Templates.

Read about the changes, and download the updated templates and guidance:

Health and safety

The Health and safety management page has been reorganised so related topics are grouped together. There is also new information about health and safety for contractors working on property projects.

November 2016

Construction rates

Construction rates have been updated, and the new rates are to be used for projects approved after 1 December 2016

October 2016

New asbestos risk management checklist

A checklist has been added to the asbestos management page to help contractors be sure they are following all the steps for safe asbestos risk management.

Construction contracts

Updated templates and guidelines for construction contracts.

New templates must be used from 17 October 2016.

Designing Quality Learning Spaces - Acoustics

A substantial update on the 2007 guide. It will become mandatory for all projects starting from 1 January 2017.

Read about key changes and download the PDF:

Reference Design - ugrading Nelson two storey blocks to flexible learning spaces

Each reference design package contains a general briefing document for Boards of Trustees, supported with three appendices of technical information, including:

  • an architectural scope and design plans with layout options and enhancements
  • a structural scope including structural calculations, design features report, accessibility report, and fire report; and
  • an estimated cost analysis.

Read more and download all the reference design packages:

Reference Design - Toilets

New information includes:

  • written guidelines
  • example drawing layouts for design teams to use when planning to build new (or upgrade existing) toilet facilities

Read more and download the guide:

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