Working in a school

Employment agreements, pay, allowances and benefits for teachers, principals, support staff and special education staff working in schools. Qualifying as a teacher, study scholarships or getting back into teaching are explained on the TeachNZ website.

Finding a job

Teachers, administrators and other support staff are directly employed by schools. Schools advertise vacancies and manage their own appointment processes. If you are looking for this type of role see the vacancies available in the Education Gazette (external link) .

Getting into (or back into) teaching

If you are interested in becoming a teacher or rejoining the profession after a break, the TeachNZ website (external link) has information about qualifying as a teacher, study grants for existing teachers, getting back into the profession and teachers with overseas qualifications. You can also find out about scholarships available for students studying to become a teacher.

Employment agreements, pay, allowances and benefits

Find out about your collective agreements, individual employment agreements, pay scales, increments, allowances and other benefits.

Employment relationship problems

An employment relationship problem could be a personal grievance or a dispute about the meaning or application of any part of an individual employment agreement. There is a set process to follow to resolve employment relationship problems, including help and mediation through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

South Australia and New Zealand Principal Exchange

Applications are now closed for the South Australia and New Zealand Principal Exchange 2017.

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